The Harley Street

An survey application doney by me for harley street clinic and all the graphics were created by me using the doctor’s orginal images and create the character similar to them and the staff character with their actual clinic stuff uniforms. They requested for something fun so i went for a emoji style of icons as it something which is trending this day and will give the patients’s want to attempt all the question in the survey.

Year 3 Semester 1 Internship

EA Detailers

An survey application done for EA detailers. There were two appliction created and one will be for their customers follwed by for their grommers.The application for the EA detailer customers is called EA detailer PLUS which is for customers to book their gromming sessions for their cars instantly with all their gromming history and personal details stored in the app.As for the EA detailer grommers app it is for the grommers to keep track of their bookings and post their availability as well as thier completed booking history followed by their contact details.The look for this application will be simple and classy.

Year 3 Semester 1 Internship

Kids Weather App

I came up with this concept for scripting assigment 2 on creating an weather application with all the relavant weather icons.To create something new and fun, decided to come out with this app involving graphic design which would bring up the fun factor for kids as kids these days are very smart and intelligent in using application. so,this app will be something fun and at the same time will educate them more on different weather and recommend them with the outfits that can be worn for the day according to the weather statue and advises them on if its the right time have a play time!

Scripting 2 Year 2 Semester 2

Students Spots

Students this days are very much priviliged with many student benefits wherever thwy go such as student meals.Therefore i wanted to create and food app called Student’s spot.This app will help students to look for places for them to study eat, cafe hopping and many more! all this can be searched according to specific are such as east , west and north which will save a lot of time and get them all the informations in a very efficient way.

Scripting Assignmrent Year 2 semester 1